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Projector lamp options

by Kostas Liatiris

We offer the following options for your lamp replacement:

  • Original Module (OEM) – Genuine projector bulb plus genuine housing and packaging and 3 months warranty.
  • "CRISTAL" Module – Our CRISTAL module uses a Philips, Osram, Ushio or Phoenix bulb plus new compatible housing in neutral packaging and 4 months warranty.
  • Projector Lamp Module – High quality compatible UHR projector bulb plus new compatible housing in neutral packaging and 4 months warranty.
  • Original Bulb Only – Genuine projector bulb without housing and 3 months warranty.

Note! The pictures on our product pages are actual product images. This gives you the exact product information what you will receive from us.

Original Module (OEM)

These are products supplied by the original manufacturer of the projector and will be exactly the same as the lamp in the projector unit when it was first shipped. Original projector lamps are made to a high standard and QualityLamps sells original lamps for all the major projector manufacturers.

Note that an increasing number of brands are sharing projector production costs (or sub-contracting their production entirely) and lamps are no different. On occasion, one centrally manufactured lamp may be re-branded to fit different brands / models of projector.


Our CRISTAL modules uses an original bulb inside made by one of the major lighting manufacturers such as Philips (UHP or TOP), Osram (P-VIP or VIP-R), Ushio (UMPRD, NSH or NSHA) or Phoenix (SHP). Our CRISTALmodule is a high quality replacement option which is not compromised on quality and at the same time will work flawlessly in your machine. Due to a much shorter route to market, our CRISTALmodules are usually 25% to 50% more cost effective than the OEM product, yet the high quality levels are maintained. The warranty for the CRISTALmodules is 4 months.


Projector Lamp Module

The projector lamp module consists of a high-quality compatible UHR projector bulb, a high-quality lamp casing and a neutral packaging. We buy our projector lamps directly from a listed Taiwanese manufacturer specialized in the production of projector lamps. The lamp manufacturing complies with the ISO9001 standards. Reliable and economically an attractive alternative with proven high quality over the years. The warranty for the projector lamp modules is 4 months.


Original Bulb Only

Besides the usual projector lamp modules we also offer "Original Bulb Only" lamp options if available. An original bulb only is the lamp without the housing. The advantage of an original bulb only is usually the price, availability and the environment (you will re-use the old lamp housing). Before ordering an original bulb only please make sure that the old lamp housing can be re-used and has not been damaged due to previous lamp failure. When in doubt you are of course welcome to contact us for assistance. The warranty for the original bulbs is 3 months.


 Each projector lamp we sell comes with at least 3 months guarantee (our CRISTAL modules and projector lamp modules are covered by a 4 month guarantee). If the unlikely event happens that a lamp fails within this period, please contacy us immediately and we will replace it for you. 


Each lamp is protected by foam plastic and is packed in a cardboard box so that it is optimally protected when it is sent to you. In preparation for dispatch each lamp is also packed in an extra cardboard delivery box for extra security.